Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We want a Little Cracker log burner but how do we get one? 

A: You can place an order on our website or contact us via phone or email. We will send an invoice with payment details for a direct credit to our bank account. We will start to build as soon as the order and payment are received. The usual lead time is 2 weeks. 


Q: What are pedestal height options? 

A: 150mm, 200mm, 250mm or the standard 300mm. 


Q: What is the heat output of both log burners?  

A: We estimate 5-6 kilowatt 


Q: Are your log burners certified? 

A: Yes, we have had our log burner installation clearances tested to AS:NZS 2918:2000 by Spectrum Laboratories in Auckland. 


Q: What are the tested clearances for the Little Cracker? 

A: Approximately 300 mm all round. This can be reduced to 100mm by installing an additional heat shield. 


Q: Can we pick one up if we call in? 

A: Yes, by prior arrangement. 


Q: How do you ship your log burners, and do you send them anywhere? 

A: We send anywhere in New Zealand. 


Q: Who can install Little Crackers? 

A: A list of installers can be found on the NZ Home Heating Association's website or contact your local plumber or caravan manufacturer. 


Q: My Little Cracker has been performing well, but lately it is not drawing. What should I do? 

A: The flue will require regular cleaning if the log burner is used daily. We can supply a professional chimney cleaning kit. Cleaning can be done without the need to remove the top cowl. 


Q:  Do I need a flue heat shield? 

A: This is optional for low clearance installations. These are easily retrofitted.   


Q: If my log burner has a 300mm pedestal, how high would the top be? 

A: A log burner with a 300mm pedestal is 618mm high. 


Q: What is the height of the sleeve above the roof for a motorhome installation? 

A: 460 mm from the outside of the roof to the top of the flue cowl. 


Q: What are the dimensions of the Little Cracker cooktop? 

A: 200 mm wide and 240 mm long to the flue spigot. 


Q: Will the new stainless steel heat shield fit the older log burners? 

A: Yes, it will. 


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